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Outdoor Cinema Hire

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Outdoor cinemas also referred to as open-air cinemas continue to be a popular choice for venues and businesses looking to host events and attract new and existing customers.

LED screen used at a outdoor cinema

Your Event Goal

There are two main goals for hosting a outdoor cinema event.

  • Non-profit events are used to attract new customers to venues or provide a event solely for the purpose of entertaining and bringing communities or groups of people together without the goal of making a profit. These events are often hosted by businesses, brands or local authorities for their employees, customers and local community or part of a bigger event such as a festival. They can make a unique and exciting themed event. They are often privately funded by the business or from 3rd party sponsorship.

  • Commercial events aim to make a profit after all expenses. Income can be generated from tickets sales, food and drink sales, advertising, sponsorship and ticket upsells such as VIP which can help generate additional income.

Whatever your goal or motivation, outdoor cinemas can provide a fun and dynamic event suitable for all ages with multiple income revenues.



Outdoor cinemas provide a flexible event model to suit all types of venues however big or small. Screens sizes can be adapted to cater for small intimate venues (50 to 100 people) in settings such as hotel gardens, right up to large venues with capacities over 2000+ such a stadiums, parks, theatres and public spaces.

However big or small your venue a outdoor cinema hire package is available to suit.


One of the many benefits of outdoor cinemas is they can easily be adapted to attract different audiences to suit the venue with the choice of film. Family friendly screenings of children films during the day such as 'Moana' or 'Encanto' can attract families of all ages. Screenings of classics such as 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Grease' can attract young to old adults balanced towards a female audience and more suited to evening film screenings.

The choice of film can target your chosen audience and attract that demographic to your event.


Event Duration

Outdoor cinema events can vary from single day, single film screening making them relatively simple to organise and run, through to multiple days or weeks with multiple film screenings each day providing a more long term complex event.

Here at Shine cinema we have a range of hire packages available to suit any event duration with additional discounts available on multiple days hire providing a greater RIHC (Return in hire costs).

One of the many benefits of using our LED video screen technology is being able to screen multiple films during a single day. This increases the number of people through your venue during a single hire period providing you with a better yield on hire costs.

Multiple film screenings across a single day or multiple days can increase the footfall through your event providing a better return on the hire price of equipment.


Event Planning

Whether you are looking to host your first ever event or a event guru there are a few things you need to consider when organising a outdoor cinema which may differ from other types of events. We recommend having a look at our quick guide here which contains useful information about film licensing and event notices / premises licensing.

Shine Cinema have many years experience in event planning for all types of venues so if your unsure or need further advise please get in touch.

Equipment Hire

Choosing a good supplier can make or break your event especially when you are selling tickets. The last thing you want to be worrying about is refunding tickets due to bad customer experience or technical issues.

Screen and audio quality can vary dramatically between suppliers depending on the equipment used. Not all LED video screens are equal in image quality so it's important to do your research and see images and videos of the screen in action. Check out our help page about LED video screens vs projector screens here .

Finding a supplier who is fully insured and has all the correct paper work is also important to ensure your event runs smoothly.

By using a outdoor cinema supplier such as Shine Cinema you can rest assure all technical aspects of the event such as the video screen and audio are sorted by one convenient supplier. Shine Cinema provide packages including all the essentials to make your event a blockbuster hit and run all technical aspects of the event on the day such as mixing audio, starting films and marketing content seamlessly on screen providing a professional slick event.

Depending on your venue you may also need to hire-in infrastructure such as toilets, fencing and security. Many venues have these already in place, but not all.

Outdoor cinema equipment hire

If your looking to host a outdoor cinema / open-air cinema event why not get in touch with Shine Cinema to find out more about our services. and see how we can help bring your event to life.

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