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Some of our most frequently asked questions can be found here. 

If you cant find the answer to your question, drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Why not use a inflatable screen & projector?

By using LED video screens you can benefit from screening films, videos, marketing and advertising all day long and not just after dusk.


Projectors with inflatable screens will only work once the ambient light level is very low such as after dusk / night (9pm BST in the Summer) or used indoors.

The benefits of LED are endless..... allowing screenings of Kid's films in the day, multiple screening's in a single day, warmer for your audience, easier transport links..... just to name a few.

LED video screens are also more resilient to the weather than inflatable screens with a higher wind speed threshold and fully waterproof. 

Setup / De-rig Time?

The required time to setup our equipment depends on a number of factors. Our video trailer can be setup within 45 minutes, whiles smaller screens on structures take around 90 minutes to setup and 1 hour to pack down. Larger screen sizes can take up to 4 hours to setup in some circumstances. On quotation we will provide you with estimated times to help plan your event.

If you require a fast setup we recommend our mobile video trailer solution.

Film licensing?

To screen your chosen film you will need the relevant licence. Cost of licence will vary depending on a number of factors such as....


  • Free or ticketed event?

  • Audience Size?

  • Film choice?


Costs start from as little as £153 Ex Vat per film title for free screenings or 40% of your Box Office return (ticket sales).

We can provide guidance and help you obtain the relevant licence.

More information can be found at "Film Bank" or visit our Guide page for more information. 

Installation | Health & Safty

When you hire a Outdoor Cinema screen from 'Shine Cinema' you can guarantee you will receive all the legal stuff as standard.


All screen hires include installation & de-rig by our professional team.

Installation times depend on screen size and location, but typically take between 1.5 hours and 3 hours.  

Before your event date we will provide you with a RAMS pack unique to your event. This includes:

  • Risk Assessment (Covering all our services)

  • Method Statement

  • Copy of our public liability & equipment insurance

  •  Technical documents for our structures & screens

Our LED video screens meet all UK legislation including CE certification and EMC standards for electrical equipment. 

What about the weather?

It's fact that the British Summer can be a little wet at times.

Our screens are 100% waterproof and are IP rated. All our electrical equipment is protected from water Ingres to ensure your event can continue whatever the weather*. 

We find that the majority of people will come prepared based on fairly accurate weather forecasts. The weather won't put a dampener on the atmosphere. 


We are realistic and sometimes the weather can't be beaten! If the weather has been unusually bad on the run-up to your event and the forecast for event day is just as bad, we will work with you to re-arrange a new date for your hire and any deposit paid to secure your hire can be transferred to the new date. 

*certain weather conditions such as high winds may effect hire

Speakers may not be waterproof but cover will be provided

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