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  Drive-in Cinema  


Drive-in cinemas can be a unique and exciting experience for audiences providing a great addition to public or corporate events. WOW your clients or guests with their very own drive-in cinema experience branded for your business / event.  

Due to the larger screens required for drive-in, the costs are higher than our traditional outdoor cinema packages and work best for multiple day events with more than 1 film screening to make the most of the additional setup times and cost required for the larger screen sizes. Prices start from £3950 Ex Vat

Many clients use sponsors or advertising on-screen to help cover the higher costs involved.

A more cost effective solution to drive-in may be one of our sit-down outdoor cinema packages for ticketed events as they provide a much more cost effective solution maximising on audience sizes and ticket revenue.


We use the latest LED screen technology providing unrivaled image quality to ensure the best outdoor / indoor & drive-in cinema experience. 

High Brightness

Our LED video screens are super bright with high contrast making them

viewable all day long,

even on a sunny day!

Suitable for Day & Night film screenings

Weather Resistant

Waterproof IP rated

Higher threshold to wind

than inflatable screens

(up to 42 mph)

High Resolution

We provide some of the highest resolution

outdoor LED screens

in the UK


Amazing image quality

We stock a range of screen sizes suitable for drive-in cinemas

Shine Cinema Image Edit 1.jpg

7.5m by 4m

small | up to 50 cars


8m by 4m

medium | up to 80 cars


9m by 4.5m

large | up to 130 cars 

10m by 5m

large + | up to 175 cars 

7.5m by 4m  | Small drive-in | 30 to 50 cars
8m by 4m  |  Medium | 50 to 80 cars

9m by 4.5m  | Large drive-in | 60 to 130 cars

10m by 5m* | The BIG time | 80 to 175 cars


In-car Sound Included

All cars are different..... Some have high-end in-car speaker systems, other's have basic, and some of the classic cars have no speakers. 

That's why we provide every car with their own dedicated speaker to ensure everyone has the same audio experience whatever the age or style of car.

Our system also benefits from a 14 hour battery life removing the need for car engines to be left running during screenings and runs on a license free FM transmitter bandwidth.


 Drive-in cinema hire packages start from only £3950 Ex Vat*

for daytime LED video screens.

All our equipment is developed to provide the best drive-in cinema experience ensuring your event is a success. We are confident we won't be beaten on price & quality. 

Contact us today for a quote

*excluding expenses and any additional services required

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