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  Event Guide  


The following page contains useful information to help you get your event up and running with the relevant permissions that maybe required. 


Our friendly team are here to help and always at the end of the phone or e-mail if you need further advise or help. 

Please note the information provided is for guidance only and may vary subject to your event specifics, local authority and your venue.

Event Notice / Venue Licencing

Your will need the necessary permissions from your local authority (Council) to host your event. The type of permission required will depend on your event location and if your venue already has the required permissions in place along with a number of factors such as event size (audience number) and the duration of your event.


Outdoor Cinema events are often hosted using a 'Temporary Event Notice' often referred to a 'TENS'. This is a simple process that can be applied for online with your local authority for a small fee.  The key factor for this type of event notice is you can only have upto 500 people at your event at any one time (This has to include all event staff aswell).  Other limitations also apply

Some venues such as sports stadiums or leisure / entertainment venues may already have the required permissions in place which could vary from the above allowing larger audience sizes etc. We recommend speaking to your venue as a first point of contact

Film Licencing

To screen your chosen film you may require a film licence. Cost of the licence will vary depending on a number of factors such as....


  • Free or ticketed event?

  • Audience Size?

  • Film choice?

Costs start from as little as £148 Ex Vat per film title or 40% of your ticket sales depending on your event/ticket model..


All licencing for outdoor film screenings are dealt with by Filmbank Media (In the UK). Their website hosts lots of information including film choices and ideas, how to obtain your licence and FAQ.

We are here to help and can provide guidance and help you obtain the relevant licence.

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Music Licence

A PPL (PRS) licence is required to play music at an event as focal or background music.

Your venue may already have this in place so it's worth checking. If not it only costs a few pounds for a single day or weekend event and will ensure you are covered to play commercial music at your event.

If you are not playing any music at your event or using music you own the rights to or have paid royalties already.... you may not require a PPL (PRS).

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