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'ECO' Outdoor Cinema Hire

Updated: Apr 26

Looking to host a Outdoor Cinema event and seeking to hire a simple, cost effective, more environmentally friendly (ECO), all in one solution with minimal equipment hire and setup time? You have come to the right place.....

New for 2024

Building on the success of our 'Mobile Screen' solution introduced in 2023, Shine Cinema presents our new 'EcoMobile Screen'. An impressive high resolution 6m by 3m outdoor LED screen providing a super fast 45 minutes setup in almost any location without the need for additional ballast or generator hire!

What's New?

Our latest mobile screen benefits from a state of the art environmentally friendly (Green) onboard power source. It's super 'smart' with a range of operational modes from complete self powered off-grid uses to a clever 'boost' facility. Read below to find out more.


Host your event almost anywhere with no on-site power required

What was the problem before?

LED video screens are power intensive due to the high brightness LEDs required for viewing in day light. Large outdoor LED screens can not run off standard sockets you find in your home and need substantially more power. Many venues and sites simply do not have the required power and need to hire a generator.

Why not use a generator?
Generator Hire

Generator hire adds substantial costs

(£400 +) to your event, an environmental impact burning fossil fuels (diesel) and noise pollution from a engine continually running.

They can also be unpleasant to be around with the smell of fuel and fumes spoiling the event.

We can all agree generators are not ideal (although not always avoidable).

Our solution?

Shine Cinema's 'EcoMobile Screen' say's good bye to requiring a generator (or any power on-site). Power is provided from a state of the art battery system providing silent, clean power without the need for any costly, polluting generator hire.

Main benefits:

  • Power source built into screen trailer for complete off-grid use in any location.

  • No generator hire required saving you money and making logistics simpler.

  • Completely silent operation with no engine running or vibrations from generator.

  • 'Green' credentials with batteries being pre-charged before arrival using a 'green' energy supplier (green tariff).

  • A range of 'operational' modes providing flexibility for a range of event durations.

Operational Modes:


Provides a complete self powered solution. The on-board battery system can power the screen and all production hardware for 2.5 to 6 hours (depending on screen content and time of day). Perfect for short term events such as Outdoor Cinemas.


LED screens are power intensive due to the brightness required for outdoor use. Many venues / events have power available however do not have enough to support the required demand. ECO Boost takes any 230v outlet such as a standard 13amp plug socket and ‘boosts’ this limited source using the trailers on-board batteries to meet the high demand required. By supplementing the on-board battery bank by supporting it with a on-site supply can increase run time from 3.5 hours up to 12 hours (subject to screen content and available power source)


In ‘UPS’ mode we can guarantee the screen will continue to operate if on-site power is interrupted or fails. This is useful at large events where the screen will be powered by on-site power, however needs to continue to operate in-case of an emergency or / and loss of power. In this scenario the screen can continue to display important safety messages / information when other event infrastructure such as speakers are inoperable due to power loss.

*Eco Boost will be availble from Q4 2024

EcoMobile Screen ready for quick setup with built in power


If your looking to host a outdoor cinema event and want to save money on equipment hire whiles considering your customers comfort and the environment we live in..... Our EcoMobile screen is the perfect solution.

With the average film run-time of 90 to 105 minutes our on-board power solution can cover your screening from start to finish.

Fast on-site setup, no generator hire required, silent, clean operation for a minimum of 2.5 hours makes this the ultimate Outdoor Cinema hire solution.

Contact Shine Cinema today to find out more and book your BIG screen hire

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