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Outdoor Cinema Hire - Made Easy

Updated: Oct 16

Hiring a BIG screen for your outdoor cinema event has never been easier and faster!

Mobile video screen at a outdoor cinema event

Shine Cinema introduce our 'mobile cinema screen'

Using the latest LED video screen technology our mobile screen can be delivered to your event and setup within 45 minutes by a single member of crew (staff) saving you time & money.

"After it's first year of events we have had great feedback from our clients"

LED video screens provide a fantastic solution for screening films at open-air cinema events during the day and evening. Their high brightness makes them viewable during daylight even on a bright Summers day. They can however be time consuming to setup.

TRADITIONAL TRUSS SETUP Traditionally LED screens are built using small individual video panels. When connected together they make one large seamless video screen. This makes a large video screen easier to transport and handle. They are then supported on a structure normally built using 'stage truss' for audience viewership.

The major downside of transporting a screen in small sections and then assembling on-site with a modular structure is the time required to build and setup.

Stage truss supporting LED video screen
Supporting truss structure with ballast

This method requires a skilled crew of 2 to 5 people between 2 and 5 hours to build depending on the structure and screen size.

It takes slightly less time to de-rig (1 to 4 hours) after the event finishes.



In contrast, our mobile cinema screen is delivered 90% pre-assembled in a secure protective trailer and simply towed into position. Once in position the screen can be fully operational within 30 minutes and ready for a film screening with full PA (audio) within 45 minutes.

Not only does this save time on-site during both setup and de-rig it also saves on labor costs with only 1 member of crew required to setup and operate the screen.

Both the saving of time on-site and in labor means this is our most cost effective solution for outdoor cinema.... saving you money and just as importantly your time. Beyond the time and labor savings our mobile screens also benefit from a host of other advantages including:

  • No addition ballast required: Truss structures require additional ballast (weights) to be added to the base to ensure they are safe to use outdoors with the effect of wind on the structure and screen. This stops the potential of the screen and structure from sliding or tipping over in unexpected wind conditions. This can be costly if the structure is to be positioned on a hard standing surface as heavy concrete blocks may need to be delivered to site at additional cost. Our mobile screen requires NO ADDITIONAL BALLAST and can be used in similar wind speeds to truss structures safely.

  • Self Contained: Our mobile screen has it's very own production room onboard allowing our technical crew to operate and manage your events sound and video from within the trailer requiring no additional van parked nearby or gazebo setup next to the screen taking additional space or requiring extra setup time.

  • A Great View: With a ground clearance of 2.7m to 4m (adjustable) and a max height of 8m to the top of the screen we guarantee a great view for your audience. In comparison a truss structure normally provides a ground clearance of 1.5m to 2.5m. Not only does it lift HIGH the screen can also rotate (Spin) 360 degrees at a touch of a button allowing it to be pointed in the best direction at any time.

  • Safety: Our mobile screen is packed with safety features built-in, reducing potential risks and hazards both during the setup stage and event hours. A powerful hydraulic lift hoists the screen into position with no manual lifting required by our staff. A built in wind monitor mounted to the top of the screen provides real-time wind measurements with a visual and audible warning system. The trailer design has adjustable legs allowing it to be leveled on almost any ground surface and the box design provides a structure with minimal hazards for event guests.

Mobile LED Video Trailer

The custom built trailer box design ensures safe transportation of the screen to and from site. It can also be branded with logos, marketing and advertising for a personalised touch.

Here is a quick comparison

Traditional Truss Setup

Mobile Screen Setup

Screen Quality

High-res 3.9mm pixel pitch

High-res 3.9mm pixel pitch

Setup Time

2 to 5 hours

30 to 45 Minutes

De-Rig Time

1 to 4 Hours

20 to 40 minutes

Screen Size

Almost any size available 3.5x2m up to 10x5m

Fixed 5x3m - 6x3m - 6x3.5m - 7x3.5m available


1 to 5 Members of crew

1 Member of crew

Bottom of screen to ground (Clearance)

Typically 1 to 2.3m

2.7m to 4m (Adjustable)

Additional Ballast Required



Controlled from

Gazebo, van other location

Built in control room or other location (optional)

Movability (Once Built)

Once built can not be moved or adjusted

Screen can be rotated 360deg and height adjusted


If you are looking for outdoor cinema hire our mobile 'BIG' screen solution provides a fast and cost effective solution by saving you time on-site and costs associated with crew and logistics. They are perfect for single day outdoor cinema events and short-term hire.

There still may be times when a traditional truss structure is better suited to your event, such as multiple day events.

We will always provide you with impartial, professional advise on choosing the best solution to help make your event a blockbuster hit.

Contact us today to find out more about our outdoor cinema packages and to book your 2024 outdoor cinema hire.

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