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Shine Cinema's mission statement is to provide the ultimate outdoor cinema experience for all ages.

Part of our ongoing growth plan is to invest in the latest LED video screen technology to ensure we provide the best possible cinema experience.

Technology is always improving for the better and this is no different with LED technology. Advances in manufacturing processes and technology means screens are improving every year with higher resolutions, faster processing power and increased visual performance available.

Across the 2019/2020 winter months the team at Shine Cinema have been testing and evaluating a range of new LED screen products ready for Spring / summer 2020 Outdoor Cinema season. The only way to ensure the quality and performance of LED products is to test them side by side and we are confident we have now invested in some of the best outdoor cinema screens available on the market.


High resolution outdoor screen - Our new screen has a pixel pitch of 3.9mm providing unbelievable image quality. Our large 30sqm now boasts a full 1920 by 1080p HD image!

Black LEDs - Black LEDs are the next progression in outdoor LED screen technology. They provide a image with super high contrast with darker blacks vastly improving on image quality in direct sunlight.

These two key benefits ensures that Shine Cinema will once again be leading the way in Outdoor Cinema hire in 2020.

If you would like to book one of our new screens for 2020 please get in touch at

Best Wishes

The Shine Cinema Team

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