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Drive-In Cinema set to reboot event industry after Covid-19?

Drive-In Cinemas start in Lithuania as response to Covid-19

Could Outdoor Cinemas and Drive-In Cinemas be the first type of events to return once Covid-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions have been lifted in the UK?

It certainly seems both Drive-In and Outdoor Cinemas could provide entertainment for all ages whiles following social distancing guidelines and provide a much needed boost the the entertainment and hospitality industry which so many types of businesses and charities rely on.

Currently the UK has restrictions in place which has put a stop to all types of events however many believe once 'Non Essential Travel' restrictions have been lifted a few types of events could startup if they can follow social distancing rules which seems to be the key to protect the NHS and reduce transmission of Covid-19.

Drive-In Cinemas could be the first to return as they would allow audiences to enjoy film screenings, sports and pre-recorded content from the safety of their own vehicles whiles still capturing the social aspect of a public event.

Social Distancing Possible?

Small Outdoor Cinema events could also start before many other types of events as they allow easier social distancing between different family groups and individuals. The large open spaces these events are usually held at also provide plenty of ventilation.

Not only could Outdoor and Drive-In Cinema be the first events to start back up they could also provide an alternative to traditional Cinemas which may struggle post Covid-19 due to the nature of the confined space and close seating within cinema theatres.

If you would like to book one of our Outdoor / Drive-In Cinema Packages for your event please get in touch today.

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