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It's all about the Kids

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Outdoor cinemas have focused on the more mature audiences in the past however we have seen a large increase in family friendly screenings as LED video screens have started to be used for daytime screenings. More on 'LED' technology in a future blog.

Days out with the kids are a important part of family life. The opportunity to spend valuable and quality time at affordable events with the kids is so important!

Hosting a family friendly Outdoor Cinema event can be the most rewarding and financially profitable as it can attract the largest demographic and age ranges. You may not want to admit it but we all love a good kids film.

Here are our top picks for Outdoor Cinema - Kids Films



2018's most popular kids film has been the CGI animation by Disney - Moana

Full of catchy songs for the kids and light humour for the adults this really does appeal to kids and adults alike.

We have lost count on the number of times we have screened this film in 2018!


Fun and silly is the name of the game with Dreamwork's 'Trolls'.

With a fast paced sound track this visually stunning animation will keep the kids entertained and is fairly short at under 1 hour 30min, ideal for a afternoon filler screening.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The 2017 remake of the classic - Beauty and the Beast has been a firm favourite on this year's outdoor cinema circuit.

Aimed at the slightly older kids this film is still suitable for all ages with a "PG" rating.

Younger kids will enjoy the instantly recognisable soundtrack whiles the older kids will enjoy the slightly darker action scenes. The adults have a soft spot for it to.

Ps. Also available in a sing-along version.


The Lion King

A all time favourite with the whole family young and old.

We all know the story so lets just leave it there.

This film appeals to all ages and creates a great atmosphere for an outdoor cinema.

Toy Story

Yes we are afraid this one falls into the 'Classic' category now. But hasn't it aged well!

Released in 1996 this Pixar classic is 22 years old. But with it's cutting edge CGI it does not appear to of aged a day, making it a firm favourite still.

With a great story line and characters to match you can be assured this will keep the kids entertained.

The Wizard of Oz

A timeless classic!

60 years after its release, the Wizard of Oz is still able to keep kids entertained and make adults laugh.

Its retro appearance and dodgy special effects just add to its charm making it a firm favourite for outdoor cinema events.


The Jungle Book (New & Old Version) - Finding Nemo - Shrek - Snow White - Babe - Paddington - The BFG - Frozen - UP -Peter Pan - Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Sing

You really can't go wrong with a Kids films, and with our LED Cinema Screens you can screen your favourite kids films outdoors during the day! How fantastic!

To find out more contact us at or visit our website

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